MQTT Anonymous instead of Password

I would like to use anonymous for my closed lab environment. I am not sure where to make the change to allow anonymous connections to true. I am using streamsheetings on ubuntu following the installation guide running version 1.5 of SS.


Hi jkoebel,

To change the config file of the mosquitto broker you have to create a new volume in docker.

Delete the old Streamsheets container:
Find the container ID:
docker container ls -a
Delete the container:
docker container rm <containerid>

Add the volume:
Go into the “start” script and replace the existing mosquitto volume with:
-v <host_path_to_conf>:/etc/mosquitto-default/mosquitto.conf ^
to the docker run statement.

Now you can run the script again.

If you have allowed
allow_anonymous true
in the configuration you should now be able to connect without credentials.